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Home Gossip Aged 31, YouTuber Desi Perkins' Net Worth: Her Career as a Vlogger, and Make up Tutorials

Aged 31, YouTuber Desi Perkins' Net Worth: Her Career as a Vlogger, and Make up Tutorials

Chandra Rana Thu Jan, 2019
Aged 31, YouTuber Desi Perkins' Net Worth: Her Career as a Vlogger, and Make up Tutorials

In the world of lifestyle and beauty vlogging, Desi Perkins is indeed a popular name. The 31-year-old beauty guru came to limelight after posting her makeup tutorial of Kim Kardashian West on her eponym YouTube channel where her subscribers count over 3.2 million.

The Instagram sensation, Perkins alongside huge fame, is also blessed with massive fortune. With her earnings from modeling, YouTube, and endorsements, Desi Perkins lives a lavish lifestyle. Scroll down for her net worth and achievement from her profession.

Desi Perkins' Net Worth In 2019: Raging Craze On Her YouTube Channel

The veteran of hair-styling and make-up, Desi Perkins is professional since she created her YouTube channel on August 17, 2013. In no time, Perkins gained the attention of many, specifically after she posted her first beauty tutorial titled Soft Warm Sultry Eye Tutorial on August 30, 2013.

In over 5 years of her career, Perkins has accumulated over 3.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel named Desi Perkins. So, how much are her total assets worth?

In 2018, Desi Perkins' net worth was estimated to be $800,000, while her fortune as of January 2019 is under review.

Desi Perkins is often compared with fellow beauty YouTuber Katy DeGroot, professionally known as Lustrelux, who owns a net worth of $400,000.

With her progressing career, Desi's fortune is assumed to raise more in the coming years.

Makeup Powress By Chance: Halloween Start Out

Passionate about make-up and beauty tutorial, Desi Perkins worked as a freelance makeup artist while in college.

Interestingly, Perkins recognized her talent as a make-up artist after she did Halloween make-up for her husband. The incident had her create her YouTube channel in 2013.

Soon after, she became a prominent personality as the make-up artists for celebrities.

Her career gained a peak after Perkins posted a Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial (24-min long) in August 2017, that has gained over 7 million views.

Video Clip: Desi's make-up tutorial with Kim 

In fact, Kim and Desi also worked together to promote Kardashain's Beauty line.

Besides this, in her YouTube channel, Perkins has posted the celebrity makeup tutorials based on the looks of Jennifer LopezKylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, and many others.

Perkins Source of Earnings: YouTube & Endorsements

Desi Perkins, an American social media sensation, makes a hefty sum of money from her YouTube and endorsement with various brands.

Her YouTube channel with 3.2 million subscribers and overall 213.65 million views earns in the range of $695- $11.1K per month. Based on the consistency in her paid views, her annual salary/earnings may come up to be $8,300 to $133,000.

Moreover, she also earns from her endorsements via Instagram where she has over 3.8 million followers.

The average payment for Instagram influencers with 100K followers command up to $5,000 per post.

CAPTION: Desi Perkins paid sponsorship SOURCE: Instagram

Besides this, Desi Perkins is famous for her sponsorship with sunglasses companies like High Key and Quay Australia. 

The model for the sunglasses brand Quay Australia, Perkins collaborated with the company for the promotion of High Key, a luxury sunglasses design. Well, the price of Quay sunglasses ranges from $50-$60 on average.

Moreover, she often collaborates with best friend and fellow YouTuber Katy DeGroot (@lustrelux) for Dose of Colors.

Also in February 2018, she signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), an American talent and sports agency.

Having achieved huge popularity, Perkins is often compared with richest Beauty Vloggers like Huda Kattan ($134.8K from YouTube), Jeffree Star ($4.6 million from YouTube), and Michelle Phan.

Desi Perkins House & Cars

Well, Perkins, a married woman. currently lives with her husband Steven, though sadly, after her unfortunate miscarriage, she is struggling with infertility.

Sources report that she and her husband lived in their house in Tarzana, and even she posted a video of the empty house after they bought it in 2017.

Though later in July 2018, she revealed that they had moved on to their new house via YouTube and her Instagram story. But the further details were kept undercover.

Sources reveal that Desi owns a Mercedes G-Wagon, which costs around $124,500.

Perkins' Plastic Surgery: Breast Augmentation & Nose Job

Everyone wants to look attractive. And the plastic surgery has become a good option for the beauty enhancement in this modern era.

Well, Desi Perkings also underwent through breast and nose surgery. Though she didn't admit it first, however, later she couldn't escape the eagle-eyed fans.

CAPTION: Desi Perkins' nose comparison: before and after surgery SOURCE: Reddit

Even more, in June 2018, in one of her photos, a fan comment on her enviable figure and asked " “Did you get a b**b job?! I need to know Desi!!!!!!!!” to which she replied, “Yes I did.”

Well, the nose job can cost up to $5,000 to $10,000 while breast augmentation can cost up to $3,718.

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Quick Review On Desi Perkins

How much is Desi Perkins' net worth in 2019?

Desi Perkins' net worth in 2018 was $0.8 million while her net worth as of January 2019 is not out.

What ethnicity is Desi Perkins?

Desi Perkins is of mixed ethnicity, Spanish and Mexican.

Does Desi Perkins have endorsements?

Yes, Perkins has many endorsements including @olehenriksen and owns a business line Quay Australia-branded sunglasses.

Who is Desi Perkins?

Desi Perkins is an American lifestyle and beauty vlogger.

How many subscribers does Desi Perkins have?

As of January 2019, her self-titled YouTube channel has over 3.2 million subscribers.

What is Desi Perkin's age?

Born on  3, 1987, Perkins' age is 31, as of January 2019.