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Home Gossip Youtuber David Dobrik and girlfriend Liza Koshy are in relationship. See their affair

Youtuber David Dobrik and girlfriend Liza Koshy are in relationship. See their affair

Rabina Koirala Mon Nov, 2016
Youtuber David Dobrik and girlfriend Liza Koshy are in relationship. See their affair

Young YouTubers David Dobrik and Liza Koshy made their millions of fans and followers very happy when they posted a video on Youtube where they were seen kissing each other. People thought this was it and David and Liza had finally come out with their "not-so-secret" relationship. 

But no. This was not their revelation. These two 20-year-olds kept on insisting that the kiss was just "a friendly peck" given by a friend to "a very good friend".

Check out for yourselves.

Well, there is a lot more about them that you might be looking forward to knowing. Just keep on reading to explore their relationship and affairs.

David's Affair

Even though they have posted a legit video of them kissing, David and Liza are intent upon arguing with their fans and followers that they are not having an affair. They are still insisting that the kiss was not a kiss rather just a friendly peck. 

The rumor of their affair surfaced in 2015 when they were seen celebrating birthdays together. They were even seen hanging out much more often than usual during that time. Since then fans have been badgering them with questions relating to their relationship. But they have always denied any rumors or allegations.


Not only the kiss, but they have also even posted videos where they have "acted" being a couple in a relationship.

David's Girlfriend Liza

The latest trend on Youtube for young beautiful uploaders is posting makeup tutorials and kinds of stuff. Then there is David's girlfriend Liza. She actually posts parodies of makeup tutorials. Elizabeth Koshy is a fun-loving Youtuber who posts funny and weird videos where she is the funny wild girl next door. 

Fans were pretty angry with her when David and Liza posted videos where David tried to kiss Liza but she kept dodging him on purpose. But then when the kissing video finally was uploaded in August, fans held their horses.

But the thing is they still don't accept that they are in a relationship or even just having a casual affair.

David's Bio

The cute and young Youtuber David was born by the name David Dobrik in Kosice, Slovakia. For several of his childhood years, he was raised there where his parents belonged originally. Then at a young age, his family moved to Chicago, Illinois, the United States of American along with his younger brother.

He posted his first video on Vine in 2013. Vien is now obsolete, but there has been no looking back for David ever since his entry into the virtual world.