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Home Gossip The Success Story of YouTuber Faze Adapt's: His Net Worth And Properties

The Success Story of YouTuber Faze Adapt's: His Net Worth And Properties

Blueprince Fri Aug, 2018
The Success Story of YouTuber Faze Adapt's: His Net Worth And Properties

Alexander Hamilton, also known as FaZe Adapt, is an American Youtuber who started with gaming videos of Call of Duty, and has currently switched to vlogging. He is also known for being one of the prominent members of the Faze Clan, a gaming clan from 2010.

FaZe has an amazing career on Youtube and even though he is still young, he has managed to gather a lot of money which all add up to his overall net worth. Below are the details of his net worth and the properties that the YouTuber owns.

FaZe Adapt's net worth: $1 million

As of March 2018, FaZe Adapt has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million according to a review by Naibuzz. FaZe mostly makes all of his money from his channel on YouTube which includes merchandise sales, sponsorships, and ad revenues.

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Sources of His Earnings

FaZe's YouTube channel earns around $1,300 per day. According to Socialblade, FaZe earns around $2.8k-$44.7k on a monthly basis, and his yearly earnings are estimated to be around $33.5K - $535.8K.


FaZe currently resides at the FaZe House, a $15 million mansion rented by the members of the FaZe Clan, where they make gaming videos together and every core clan member has their own separate suites.



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FaZe rides a Nissan GTR, which the YouTuber bought in January 2018, and has a market price of $99,990.

FaZe Adapt's Career And Profession

FaZe was a Call of Duty enthusiast since his childhood days, and due to his stuttering nature, he was always picked on by other friends, due to which he turned to his passion for gaming.


Alex started his Youtube career as a part of SoaRGaming clan. Though there are no details regarding his works while in the Soar clan, he worked pretty hard in his in-game skills and also posted a lot of gaming videos which finally led him to be accepted by the FaZe Clan which also eventually led him to grab the net worth he owns at present.

FaZe Clan and FaZe Adapt

After spending two years in his previous clan, his early videos of Trickshots went viral which resulted in his acceptance inside the FaZe Clan. He was recruited by FaZe Apex and was given the name of Faze Adapt.

SOURCE: youtube

At the time, he just had 80,000 subscribers and after his joining, the clan's popularity began to increase, and Adapt began to upload his own skits and vlogs along with his playthroughs and trick shots.

SOURCE: thefamouspeople

His most popular videos comprise of skits, pranks, and vlogs of his daily life. He has a total of 1,408 videos uploaded to his channel and has about 5,006,117 subscribers.

After his growing popularity in gaming and YouTube, he abandoned his college. Well, at present, he has achieved proper financial stability, bagging up a net worth of around $1.3 million.