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Home Gossip Luke Korns YouTube Career And His Net Worth in 2019: All About His Professional Life

Luke Korns YouTube Career And His Net Worth in 2019: All About His Professional Life

Blueprince Mon Feb, 2019
Luke Korns YouTube Career And His Net Worth in 2019: All About His Professional Life

Luke Thomas Korns, or Luke Korns, is an American YouTuber, who runs the channel named UncleKorniCob. In this channel, he uploads videos related to humor and weird relationships. Luke has also collaborated with other fellow YouTubers like Mickey Murphy and Ricky Dillon in a very popular video titled Guessing Tweets.

Apart from the YouTube channel, Luke Korns is also an emerging entrepreneur and has started has his own merchandising company, which has increased his monthly salary and hence the net worth. Let's dig deeper into Korns' net worth and the salary of the YouTuber.

Luke Korns net worth and salary

Born on September 26, 1996, 22 years old American YouTuber Luke Korns has amassed a net worth of $700,000, as of 2019. A major part of Luke's present wealth comprises of the earnings from his YouTube account UncleKorniCob, which has over 1.94 million subscribers.


CAPTION: YouTuber Luke Korns

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Luke Korns also earns quite well from the endorsement deals and the advertisements that are featured in his video. However, the revenue from those advertisements is currently unknown. He has also his own line of clothing, which mostly deals with shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and other accessories. The income from the sales of his merch is also aids in his net worth.

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Luke Korns' salary

As per many online sources, Luke Korns earns a monthly salary ranging from $400-$6.4k and about $4.8k-$76.9k yearly from his YouTube channel. In his YouTube channel, the YouTuber has uploaded over 148 videos, which have been viewed more than 83 million times.

YouTuber Luke Korns

Luke Korns is a resident of Wausau, Wisconsin, and has spent most of his life there until he moved to Los Angles, California, closer to Hollywood, closer to his dream of filmmaking.


CAPTION: YouTuber Luke Korns

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The YouTuber was fascinated with the art of filmmaking from an early age and quickly started taking and making videos, as soon as he received his first camera.

Luke Korns on YouTube

Luke uploaded his first video on the YouTube platform in the year 2011, where he sang one of Burt's songs. Soon enough he started his YouTube channel UncleKorniCob, where he started uploading random videos that mostly centered around relationships and later stepped his game with humorous content.

In his channel, Luke Korns has also worked with other popular fellow YouTubers like Chris O'FlyingConor Franta, and Turner Lux to name a few.

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Quick Facts about Luke Korns:

What is the current net worth of YouTuber Luke Korns?

Luke Korns has an estimated net worth of $700,000, as of 2019.

How much does Luke Korns make monthly from his YouTube channel?

Luke Korns makes $400-$6.4k monthly from YouTube.