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Home Gossip Is Actor Rick Cosnett Gay Or Straight? Know His Net Worth And Career

Is Actor Rick Cosnett Gay Or Straight? Know His Net Worth And Career

Jharna Prasai Tue Aug, 2021
Is Actor Rick Cosnett Gay Or Straight? Know His Net Worth And Career

The 33 years old, Zimbabwean-Australian Rick Cosnett is a successful actor and model who is best known for his role of Eddie Thawne in The Flash. Rick was interested in acting from his childhood and pursuing his childhood dream, he got involved in acting in 2004 from his first TV series debut Forensic Investigators. Currently, he is playing the role of FBI agent in the American Drama Thriller Quantico.

Actor Hugh Grant's brother, Rick is always been rumored as gay but the truth behind the rumor is totally different. Rick has his own dating desires and is a single unmarried man.

Want to know all about Rick's professional and personal life? Well, well, well, today we are going to provide you with all the details of Rick's net worth, career, gay rumors, dating desires, and much more.

How much is Rick Cosnett Net Worth?

With all his struggle and success, Rick has added $1 million to his net worth. He owns a beautiful and expensive apartment in Chegutu, Zimbabwe, Africa.

Rick Cosnett 

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Rick is also planning to gift an apartment to his mother on her upcoming birthday that he brought from his earning. 

Instagram: Rick wearing his expensive-looking black jacket:


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Rick endorses Barney's New York brand. He always flaunts expensive branded clothes in every function and party. 

Rick Cosnett Gay Or Straight?

As mentioned by Rick, he is not gay at all. Time and again, the gay rumors of Rick are all over the media. The gay rumors of Rick were all over the media after he portrayed the gay role in his current Quantico Series with the Bollywood co-star Priyanka Chopra. His realistic gay chemistry raised the question about his sexuality.

Video: Rick Cosnett #3/ Elias Harper & Simon Asher (gay) - Quantico (tv series)

Just because Rick is comfortable playing the role of a gay man does not mean that he himself is gay. He is straight but considers the gay character Elias to be his alter ego.

Rick successful Career

This brilliant Australian actor, Rick is doing great with his performances within unforgettable series like “The Vampire Diaries” as well as “The Flash”. And now his amazing original gay appearance in Quantico has won the heart of millions of audiences. 

Video: The Flash - vs. Reverse Flash, Final Fight (Season One)

Rick's first movie debut is The Bet which was released in 2006, He has featured in a total of 8 movies including The Bet. He is a successful actor with his increasing range of performances within the crossing years.

Rick Dating Desires

In a tabloid, Fervor, Rick opened up about his dating desire. His dating history is total to nil but has his own dating desires. He revealed that he loves spontaneity and the kind of a date which does not go according to plan. 

In the interview, Cosnett talked about how he saw himself, saying he was a sensitive and reserved person. He said,

I am just really grounded and funny. Seriously, though, jokes aside, I suppose I am sensitive and enthusiastic. 

Rick is a wonderful person who has made his name in Hollywood. We wish for his prosperous future.