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Home Gossip Chaz Bono Transition From A Women To Man: Who Is He Dating Right now? His Past Affairs & Dating

Chaz Bono Transition From A Women To Man: Who Is He Dating Right now? His Past Affairs & Dating

Sabina Gartaula Tue Dec, 2017
Chaz Bono Transition From A Women To Man: Who Is He Dating Right now? His Past Affairs & Dating

The only son of entertainers Sonny Bono and Cher, Chaz Salvatore Bono is an actor, musician, writer, and advocate based in the United States. Born as Chasity Sun Bono, Chaz is a transgender man. Best known for his books, Family Outing: A Guide to the Coming Out Process for Gays, Lesbian, and Their Families, and The End of Innocence, the actor has also appeared in numerous films and TV shows. The TV shows and movies he has feature includes Ellen DeGeneres hosted by Ellen herself, Bar Girls as Scorp', American Horror Story: Cult, and many others. 

Chaz came out as a lesbian in 1995 through an interview with The Advocate. He has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand and is an inspirational figure in the LGBT community. His mother, Cher is also a supporter of the LGBT community, whereas his father Sonny is a Republican Congressman. This difference in the political view has created a strain on their relationship. 


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Today we are going to take a look at Chaz's journey in his transition and his relationships. 

Chaz coming out as lesbian and his transition from woman to man

In an interview with national gay and lesbian magazine, The Advocate, in 1995, Bono came out as a lesbian. His mother Cher despite being a gay icon was baffled by the news, and she took her time to cope up with it.

Soon, she supported Bono's decision and appeared on the cover of The Advocate as 'The proud mother of a lesbian daughter.' The two were very active to speak out for LGBT rights.  

In 2008, Bono started undergoing treatment for his transition both physical and social. It was not until June 2009 that his publicist decided to confirm the news. Even though transitioning was such a controversial topic back then, Chaz gained a lot of love and support from everywhere. 

Chaz Bono before and after transition

Chaz Bono before and after transition

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He even made a documentary film titled "Becoming Chaz" which was about his journey transitioning from a woman to man. In 2011, the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival

His request to change his name and gender legally was only granted in 6th May 2010 by California Court. 

Chaz Bono relationships and affairs

Before transition and coming out as a lesbian, Chaz was in a relationship with a man named Mitch Shiro. There is not much detail about the duo about when they started dating or when their relationship ended.

Chaz Bono before transition with ex-boyfriend Mitch Shiro

Chaz Bono before transition with ex-boyfriend Mitch Shiro

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In the year 1990, they were spotted together numerous times having a good time.

Later in 1999, while Chaz was still a woman started dating a woman named Jennifer Elia. Jennifer was there with Chaz when he went through a transition to become a man.

Moreover, in May 2011, Chaz proposed her which was shown in his film Becoming Chaz. They were together for 12 years, but their relationship eventually started deteriorating.

Chaz Bono with ex-fiance Jennifer Elia at Cher's Premier

Chaz Bono with ex-fiance Jennifer Elia

Source: The inquisitr

Even though they were in a relationship, they were living separately. So they eventually called their engagement off 7 months later in December 2011

The main reason behind the end of their relationship was the fact that they started out as a lesbian couple but the transition changed things which might have affected their relationship. At the same time, the sudden and massive attention from others might also have been a reason. 

It is unknown who the actor is dating at the moment but recently during Halloween, he shared a photo of himself with Sarah Blue. They seem to be quite close and comfortable.


With my sexy leather lady @sharablue for Halloween.

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Hopefully, this is the starting of something new, and Chaz will soon find the one who will accept him for who he is.