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Home Gossip Is David Muir in open relationship now? David visibility with a strange affair and current rumors.

Is David Muir in open relationship now? David visibility with a strange affair and current rumors.

Smriti Rai Sun Mar, 2016
Is David Muir in open relationship now? David visibility with a strange affair and current rumors.

David Muir, the American Journalist is not just famous due to his work but also due to his looks. Muir is considered as Brad Pitt among his fellow journalist.

He struggled around 5 years, give or take, in WTVH TV as an anchor then he joined WCVB TV for like 3 years. And soon he became the most popular overnight anchor on ABC News Channel. Muir earns a yearly salary of $5 million and has a jaw-dropping net worth of $7 million. Seems like David Muir is not just blessed with talents and looks but also is getting paid well, in return.

There are a lot of spicy gossips about this man over the years. Several speculations and reports are built concerning his sexual orientation and love life. Today here we are revealing to you all the detailed information about his personal life.

Know David Muir's relationship and affairs in detail

Well, we girls are by now aware of the fact that any guy with a sexy body and amazing mind is either taken or gay. The rumors of David being gay and also in an affair have broken many girls' hearts.

David has been successful till now to stay unmarried and avoid any tensions regarding divorce in his life. But the rumors have chances of pointing towards a possible future spouse.

The American journalist David Muir

 The American journalist David Muir

Source: Pinterest

The "Cinderella" director Kenneth Branagh in 212 even reported Muir is supposedly gay in his day-to-day life. Reporters claim that Gio Benitez and David are an item. Neither of them has officially stated being gay but the stress over the news is growing faster.

Gio even twitted David as one of the top three “Golden Followers” and David has not shown any negative reactions.

Muir has full right to keep his personal life to himself but the rumors are just too much to handle. If he is actually gay than Muir, it’s time to get out of a closet and in meantime, we love you for who you are.

David Muir with Gio Benitez

 David Muir with Gio Benitez

 Source: Daily Entertainment News

Even though he was spotted with Gio several times out in the public and they were even caught going to gay bars together.

In addition, on September 10, 2015, Kate Dries wrote to Pinterest,

This is as hard for me to write as it is for you to read, but I’ve just learned—in a public forum, no less—that my boyfriend, ABC News anchor David Muir, is a, quote unquote, monster.

So, is David really gay? No matter what's the truth is! It was way back in time. Now the so-called pair, David, and Gio are separated and there is news that Gio got married to Tommy DiDario on 16 April 2016.

News flash!

Recently in July 2017, David posted an Instagram picture and also made a Tweet about a girl, Kelly Ripa. He said he is waking up, with her tomorrow and he loves sitting next to her and she makes him smile.

Apart from his love life, he is extremely active in his professional life. Check out this video!

Check out his tweet!

Now how are we suppose to put this information into David's relationship profile? Has he found the love of his life? Does this mean he is actually a bisexual? We suppose not! Because Kelly is a married woman and also has three children with her husband.

Now we suppose these two are good friends and Muir appreciates Ripa's beauty and talent.


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However, David is the most intelligent reporter in ABC news history. He is also a co-host of 20/20. His work has made him very famous in the world of stardom. Talented and handsome David truly deserves a love. We wish him all the luck finding his perfect half.

Also, watch some interesting facts about David Muir in the video below:

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