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Actress Isabela Moner Is Dating A Boyfriend? Know Her Past Affairs And Relationship

Mahammad Arsad shekh Mon Jul, 2017
Actress Isabela Moner Is Dating A Boyfriend? Know Her Past Affairs And Relationship

You may frequently hear the name Isabela Moner as she is a famous Hollywood actress who is best known for her role in Nickelodeon's 100 Things to Do Before High School. This child actress has won million of hearts through her brilliant performances and glamorous looks in television and movies.

The personal life of Isabela Moner is as interesting as her professional life in that she gets very little attention from fans and followers. The stunning beauty, Isabela Moner previously dated Jace Norman and after their breakup, Isabela Moner is surrounded by the rumor of having an affair with a new guy.

So, who's that lucky guy? Let's find out. Just stay with me.

Isabela Moner's Love Affair with Ex-boyfriend Jace Moner

The 15-year-old young actress had an affair with her fellow actor Jace Norman. However, one of the cutest pairs of Hollywood split up and their relation did last for so short.

Yes, it's true! They have already parted their ways.

If we look further in detail, Jace and Isabela started their affair in March 2016, however, they officially announced they were dating only in April. People may say they were too young to fall in love but the fact is when you are in love nothing matters.

As per the report, Jace and Isabela first met on the set of Nickelodeon. Both of them got huge critical acclaimed with their remarkable performance in Television series like 100 Things to Do Before High School and Henry Ranger.

Both actors managed their support and love for over seven months and unfortunately, they broke up at eight. The reason behind their separation is still under the shadow. Their separation was reportedly confirmed to Just Jared.

Regarding their broke up Jace once stated:

I don’t know if I’m careful so much as I don’t like to let people dictate what happens. I’m down to let them know what’s going on in my life and stuff, but…if you listen to all the comments you don’t really have control. I’m not really careful. I just do whatever.

Undoubtedly sad news to their fans, who enjoyed their post and pictures together in different places as they used to share their memories to their fans usually.

Isabela Moner's Current Relationship Status

Now after a year of a break with Jace, Isabela looks as if she is secretly dating a new boyfriend. You may be curious to know why we feel so.

Well, a picture speaks thousands of words and sometimes even more. It was all came on February 7, when Isabela shared a photo on Instagram, where she was enjoying a walk with the Angels Sing actor and Internet star Dylan Summerall.


one direction > thrasher

A post shared by Isabela ?? (@isabelamoner) on 

The above picture defines clear chemistry and it seems they are not just friends and more than that. They neither confirmed nor denied to the media that they are dating

We hope someday they announce their relationship which will again make a smile on their fans' faces.

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