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Home Gossip Allen Iverson and Ex-Wife Tawanna Turner's Relationship. They might be getting back!

Allen Iverson and Ex-Wife Tawanna Turner's Relationship. They might be getting back!

Ashmita Karki Thu Oct, 2022
Allen Iverson and Ex-Wife Tawanna Turner's Relationship. They might be getting back!

Allen Iverson is a renowned basketball player who was previously married to Tawanna Turner. Despite the fact that the pair looked really cute with one another, they ended up in a sad divorce. Turner and Iverson have five kids altogether. Let’s find out what went wrong between them.

Let's know about his married life and affairs in detail. Just stay with us.

Allen Iverson & Tawanna Turner's Marriage

Iverson and Turner were high school sweethearts. They had totally different interests then. Iverson was already a star basketball and football player than while Turner was more into books and club activities. 

CAPTION: Allen Iverson and Tawanna Turner's wedding day

However, they fell in love and later decided to get married. Iverson and Turner tied the knot in August 2001 at Iverson's mansion on Main Street located in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Allen Iverson and Tawanna Turner's Divorce

Despite it seemed like Turner and her husband’s relationship was going well to the outsiders, it wasn’t actually. He kicked his naked wife out of their house after a fight in 2002. Later, he reportedly barged into their relatives' home with a gun to get her back. 

CAPTION: Allen Iverson and Tawanna Turner
SOURCE: FamousStardom

Likewise, the condition went from bad to worse and Tawanna couldn't take it anymore. In 2009, she filed for divorce.

In the divorce papers, Tawanna said that Iverson had spent $150 million in gambling and drinking and the two had a mountain of debt. Iverson also used to spend $36,000 per month while his income was just a fifth of the amount.

However, after Iverson begged Tawanna to withdraw divorce papers, she did withdraw them. Just after months, she withdrew the divorce papers, she again filed for divorce, going through a legal battle that lasted until 2013. Their divorce was finalized in January 2013.

Allen Iverson's emotional speech

Despite the divorce, it seems like Iverson and her wife’s relationship is in good terms. During the Philadelphia 76ers jersey retirement ceremony, Iverson thanked his wife. He said,

My number one person in the world, hands down, Tawanna Iverson. Twenty-four years — ups, down, but real love. I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. Not just my career — obviously, you enabled me to go to work and you took care of home.

But for loving me the way you do, and caring about what type of person I am and what type of person I need to be to set the example for our babies’. As he gave the speech, Iverson had tears in his eyes.


VIDEO: Watch Allen Iverson's emotional speech

Similarly, Tawanna also revealed that she and Iverson have known each other since they were 16 years old. She said,

We've known each other since we were 16 years old ... and we have 5 kids together. So, we have to do what's best for our kids. We'll always have a connection with each other.

Two of them showed how important they are for each other. Now many of his fans are wondering whether the pair might get back again. Is there any chance of reconciliation? Let's find out.

Will Allen Iverson and Tawanna Turner get back?

It’s not sure if the pair will get back again. But looking at Iverson and Turner’s closeness, it sure that they surprised a lot of people.

As it was only a few years ago that Tawanna blasted A.I. in court for not living up to his end of the custody arrangement and now this pair seems to be going on vacations and appearing in events holding hands. Quite Strange!

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