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Home Gossip A Detailed Account of Nick Cannon Career: All About His Earnings And Net Worth

A Detailed Account of Nick Cannon Career: All About His Earnings And Net Worth

Sabina Gartaula Wed Jul, 2022
A Detailed Account of Nick Cannon Career: All About His Earnings And Net Worth

Widely recognized as the husband of music sensation Mariah Carey, Nicholas Scott Cannon, a.k.a. Nick Cannon, is an American rapper, comedian, actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. He has an estimated net worth of $45 million, as of 2022. Likewise, his ex-wife’s net worth is also in the nine digits.

Know more about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's divorce.

Moving along, Cannon was born on 8th October 1980 and is currently 41 years old. He is best known as the former host of the popular TV show America’s Got Talent. He hosted the show from 2009 to 2016, until he was replaced by beauty mogul Tyra Banks.

Here, we are going to talk about Cannon’s net worth, earnings, and assets. If you are a fan and want to know more, keep on reading.

Nick Cannon Net Worth And Earning.

As of 2022, Cannon has an estimated net worth of $45 million, which is a drastic increment from his net worth in 2015. In 2015, his net worth was expected to be $20 million. This implies that his net worth has increased by $35 million in just 5 years.

CAPTION: Nick-Cannon
SOURCE: Hollywood Punch Report

Firstly, we would like to mention the earnings from his most well-known work, i.e., as a host on America’s Got Talent. During his days as the host of the show, he was reported to make a massive $70,000 for each episode. Some sources even claim that he made $4.5 million from each season of the show.

Watch Nick on America's Got Talent. 

Likewise, he was also reported to have made $20 million in 2013. And his estimated salary as of 2017 is approximately $10 million.

Even though he is a big name in the industry feuding with fellow rappers like Eminem and also betting $100,000 for a rap battle with the rap god, he is a much-closed person when it comes to earnings.

Listen to Cannon's Eminem diss song: Teach Me How to Dougie.

There are many sources that openly share his earnings from shows and others, but the actor has not shared the money he makes as the chairman of Teen Nick and as the CEO of NCredible Entertainment.

In 2013 alone, his company NCredible Entertainment made $30 million through the sales of NCredible Headphones.

CAPTION: Nick Cannon's NCREDIBLE Headphones

Moving along, he is also a rapper and has dropped two albums to date. His self-titled album Nick Cannon sold around 201,000 copies in the United States alone and also ranked 15 on the US R&B chart

According to Richest, he also charges over $75,000 as a minimum fee for performances in the United States. Likewise, he charges a minimum of $225,000 for each international performance.

Nick Cannon Properties and Assets

Moving on to his assets, as the father of three children, he needs a lot of space in his house with full-fledged features so that the children do not get bored. He owns a mansion in the Hamptons, and the house alone has a price tag of $125 million.

The price of the house is not the only thing that is a shocker. The house also features a swimming pool and a candy store inside for his children.

CAPTION: Nick Cannon Hamptons Mansion
SOURCE: Forbes

In 2009, while he was still married to Mariah Carey, he bought a mansion worth $6.975 million in Bel Air. However, the pair sold the estate for $9 million in 2015, after his divorce.

CAPTION: Nick Cannon Bel Air Mansion
SOURCE: Variety

Talking about the Recent, there are no records of him purchasing or selling a house or any other real estate properties. 

Moving on, he is an avid collector of cars. He owns numerous sports cars and other high-end brands.

This one must be one of his most famous cars. With the logo of his company "Ncredible," he has a black Range Rover, and its price ranges from $83,495 to $186,495.

CAPTION: Nick Cannon's Range Rover
SOURCE: Premier Wraps

He also owns a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon which has a price tag of $110,000.

CAPTION: Nick Cannon Mercedes Benz G-Wagon
SOURCE: Celebrity Cars Blog

Likewise, he has also been spotted driving his Ferrari California, Ferrari F430, Rolls Royce Drop Head Coupe, and Maserati Quattroporte, which have price tags of $202,723, $188,900, $452,000, and $108,700 respectively.

CAPTION: Nick Cannon Royce Drophead Coupe
SOURCE: Zimbio

Apart from estates and automobiles, the rapper cum TV personality is also an avid fan of designer clothes. He has been spotted sporting high-end designers like Dior, Gucci, and many others.

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