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American Comedian Amber Ruffin's Married Relationship With Husband Jan And Her Past Affairs

Shree Krishna Sun Oct, 2021
American Comedian Amber Ruffin's Married Relationship With Husband Jan And Her Past Affairs

Love is above and beyond any material things. There have been several relationships that stayed on top of the age limit, likes the relationship between Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin, David Foster and Katharine McPhee, and many more. But, here we won't be dealing with one of those couples who proved age as 'just a number, instead, we bring you a love life of the couple who stood above the boundaries of race and color.

The love life of comedian/writer Amber Ruffin and her husband Jan Schiltmeijer is no less than a lesson to those who bring in hate in society in regards to race and color. On top of that, it's an interesting love story along the road, as well.

Curious to unfold it. Continue with the article.

Amber Ruffin and Jan Schiltmeijer: A Couple Above and Beyond the Bonds of Racism

Amber, the writer/performer on Seth Meyers' show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, has her story of being a black woman in America. Nevertheless, with an understanding partner, as Jan is, Amber has managed to cope with all the circumstances.

Amber Ruffin and her now-husband Jan Schiltmeijer know each other since 2008, while Jan worked as with Boom Chicago, a group that writes and performs sketch and improvisational comedy, in Amsterdam.

Soon after, the duo started dating and the girlfriend-boyfriend relationship went along for two years until they finally decided to get married.

Amber and Jan exchanged their wedding vows in 2010. It's been eight long years of their marriage and over time, their relationship has become more perfect.

Married for such a long span, Amber and Jan don't have any children. Speaking of which, parenthood, Amber has openly admitted her desire not to have children.

Amber Ruffin Goes Candid: I'm 'OK' with My Decision of not having Children

Do you know, what's common between Sarah Silverman and Amber Ruffin, they both are open with their decision to not have children. Speaking to host Michelle Wolf, during an episode of The Break, Amber clarified her decision, saying, 

Women who don’t want kids are less categorizable than women who do want kids. And how dare we be. Because everyone has to be able to categorize women, all women, all of the time, or shit hits the fan.

Because uncategorizable women are unfamiliar and scary and people don’t know how to deal with us. But you know what’s harder to deal with? A f****ing baby.

She further added,

I like my life the way it is. Apart from one thing: More of these two, and less shaming and negativity around child-free women, please.

As strong as Amber stands on her decision, the longtime couple can be out of children's love. But the fact doesn't seem to bother Jan in any way. They support each others' decisions and freedom.  Their body color and background may differ but their perspective of life doesn't.

Amber has found a perfect partner, who also happens to be her first love interest. Amber hasn't been any other ex-marital affairs and there are near to no details on her past affairs and relationships. Great to know of such a lovely couple.