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Home Gossip American Computer Professional Edward Snowden is in Relationship with Lindsay Mills,Are they Engaged?

American Computer Professional Edward Snowden is in Relationship with Lindsay Mills,Are they Engaged?

Sabina Gartaula Thu Aug, 2018
American Computer Professional Edward Snowden is in Relationship with Lindsay Mills,Are they Engaged?

A very controversial yet praised man often stated as a villain or a hero, Edward Joseph Snowden, a.k.a. Edward Snowden is an American born computer professional. The former Central Intelligence Agency employee is in a relationship with a woman named Lindsay Mills

Born on 21st June 1983, the 35-year-old has been together with the lady for some time now, and they are still together in a very stable relationship. But the central question is, have they taken their relationship further, i.e., have they gotten engaged?

Without further ado, let's find out more about Edward Snowden's relationship with girlfriend Lindsay Mills, and also if they are engaged.

Edward Snowden's Relationship with Girlfriend Lindsay Mills

Edward Snowden is currently in a relationship with girlfriend Lindsay Mills who is a former pole dancer and acrobat. According to sources, the duo met in the United States and soon started


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In 2013, while they were still dating, Snowden leaked information from the National Security Agency and was deported to Moscow Russia. Mills being the loving girlfriend moved to Moscow too and started living at a location where they reportedly share an apartment. 

Taking a closer look at their relationship, Snowden is not really interested in sharing details about his relationship and uploading pictures of his girlfriend on social media. On the other hand, Mills is very different and is a very open person. She loves to share photos and moments of her life shared with her beau on Instagram where she has over 38.6 thousand followers.

There are numerous pictures of the duo on her Instagram, and she also seems to be traveling a lot because the government of the United States does not want her in the country. 

But the main question is if they are engaged. Continue reading to find out. 

Are Edward Snowden and Long-term Girlfriend Lindsay Mills Engaged? 

As we have mentioned above, it has been almost nine years since Snowden and Mills started dating and they are all set to hit a decade of being together in 2019. Unfortunately, they are not engaged, and we are not just saying it out of the blues.

There are no reports about them getting engaged and looking at Mills Instagram where she is very active; there is no sight of a wedding ring. We can not see a ring on her ring finger in any of her 955 posts she has shared. This is a clear sign that Snowden is yet to pop the question to her which will mark a new beginning in their relationship.

Nonetheless, despite being together for so long and having many ups and downs in their life, they are still together and seem to have a very healthy relationship.