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Home Gossip Cameron Diaz and Husband Benji Madden's Relationship - Really Trying Hard For Babies

Cameron Diaz and Husband Benji Madden's Relationship - Really Trying Hard For Babies

aisha Fri Sep, 2019
Cameron Diaz and Husband Benji Madden's Relationship -  Really Trying Hard For Babies


Retired American actress Cameron Diaz is married to Benji Madden who is an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer. They have been married for almost four years. The couple met through Benji's Sister-in-law Nicole Richie while Daiz threw a party at her house. 

On December 19, 2015, Cameron and Benji got engaged and tied knot after 17 days of their engagement they got married. So how is the married life going? Let's find out below. 

Private and Lowkey Romance

Cameron CAPTION: Cameron holding hand with her husband Benji SOURCE: ABC News -

Hollywood's most unpredictable couple Cameron and Benji kept their relationship low profile from their fans and social media although Diaz and Madden kept on giving us a glimpse of them being together. As their bond became stronger they were more open about their relationship to outside sources. 

Not only the relationship the wedding was also kept low key. The secret wedding ceremony was held at their own Beverly Hills home and said "We got married in our living room in front of our friends, and had a little party in our backyard on the tennis court and yeah. Otherwise, it would have been something else.". It is said that the wedding was over 15minutes and it was in front of almost 96 people

"I'm not looking for a husband or marriage or not looking for that stuff,"."I'm living, not thinking about what I should or shouldn't be doing with my life." This is a sharp statement by Daiz so is she happy with her married life lets find out below.

Married Life is Great

Cameron CAPTION: Cameron kissing her husband Benji SOURCE: Nina Vintage ~ "Oh So Fabulous!!" -

The couples have dated many popular celebrities before tying the knot with each other. Madden Ex and rumored girlfriends are Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry. Likewise, Daiz has dated  Justin Timberlake, Alex Rodriguez, and Jared Leto. Although they have been in a various relationship with another celeb, at last, both are together Happily Married. 

Retired actress Cameron is enjoying her married life and doesn't miss her acting and set life at all. She just doesn't feel like returning back on the film industry yet as she has given half of her life to the public and wants to recognize her own self first with her hubby. So guess Diaz is living her life to the fullest after her marriage. 

Benji is the best thing that has happened to me say 46 years old actress, Cameron. She said that she wasn't ready to get married but she knew that Benji was special and he is a good man. But right after their marriage, she was sure that she made the right decision cause Benji was her other half, a great partner and a fabulous husband. Both are totally different from one another but they have the same values towards each other like two different peas in a pod.

Trying Hard to Have Babies - Fertility Problem

The 44 years old Actress Cameron and Benji are trying really hard for the baby through fertility treatment, eating foods to boost her fertility, working out and even trying scheduling sex. Not only that the couple has done two IVF (IN Vito Fertilisation) but both tries were unsuccessful and her mood has fluctuated wildly and has gained a lot of weight.

But after the hardship they have faced both couple dreams to have a baby is finally coming true. They have decided to adopt a baby and are searching for a little boy who will bring happiness in their lives. Daiz has already picked a name for the boy which is Emilio after the name of her father, Emilio.

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