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Home Gossip Did Elle King marry after her Engagement with Andrew Fergie Ferguson? Or Did they break-up?

Did Elle King marry after her Engagement with Andrew Fergie Ferguson? Or Did they break-up?

Rabin Lama Tue May, 2017
Did Elle King marry after her Engagement with Andrew Fergie Ferguson? Or Did they break-up?

If you are a great music lover, then you would obviously know Elle King, one of the most renowned American singers, but you might not know her personal stories. Don't worry. We are here with all the information that you're looking for.

26 years old, Ex's and Oh's singer Elle King was in San Francisco to perform a pre-Super Bowl party when her boyfriend, Andrew Fergie Ferguson proposed her on a boat under Golden Gate Bridge. Guess what? King accepted his proposal. This news made their fans more curious about their love affair, and if you are one of them, then you have come to the right place.

Let's figure out when and where did their romantic relationship begin? Stay with us. We will walk you through the whole story.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend couple; Elle King and Fergie Ferguson finally got engaged: When will they get married?

Now, you might be amazed how this couple started their romantic relationship. The exact date of the couple's relationship is not known, but according to several sources, Elle was in a relationship with Fergie at the start of 2016. The couple might have kept their relationship a secret to avoid paparazzi, but eventually, the couple posted their first picture together in 2016.                                                                                

Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Elle King and Fergie Andrew Ferguson

Boyfriend and Girlfriend couple, Elle King and Andrew Fergie Ferguson, Kissing each other

Source: Dailymail

Daughter of Rob Schneider and former model, London King, Elle spent her holidays in California along with her husband-to-be before they were engaged. In fact, this is the moment where everything happened.

At that moment, Fergie proposed Elle on a sailboat under the Golden Gate Bridge and to that proposal, Elle said yes.

Beautiful Boyfriend and Girlfriend couple, photos after proposal.

Photos of Beautiful Boyfriend and Girlfriend couple after a proposal.
Source: Daily Mail

This news came to highlight after she posted a photo on Instagram with a caption "Fergie asked me to marry him on a sailboat under the Golden Gate Bridge. I said Yes". 

The couple seems jubilant with their relationship. The pair's love for each other is not only limited to themselves as Elle's mother is also very fond of her to be son-in-law, Ferguson.

Check out this video where Elle's mother, London King tells how lucky her son-in-law, Ferguson is  

Do you know Elle skipped out on her Wedding? Let's dig a litter deeper why she did that.

Music lover, Elle King, attended her rock concert on her wedding day rather than being present in such beautiful moment. And the moment was not other's, this was her own moment to cherish, but she decided not to be a part of it. The real reason behind this is not revealed yet.

According to Elle's post on her social media accounts, we can assume that her fiance, Fergie, and she had an argument. On one of her post, she said

" Today someone tried to make me feel a certain way about myself. But we have to remember, no one can make you feel anything unless you let them. Don't give people power over you."

So, what are they going to do? Are they gonna marry? Or are they on the verge of breaking up? When the real information uncovers, we will surely provide you with the updates. Till then stay tuned with FamousStardom.