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Home Gossip Joey Lauren Adams & her boyfriend Andrew Calder dating since 2005. Could they get married?

Joey Lauren Adams & her boyfriend Andrew Calder dating since 2005. Could they get married?

Ashmita Karki Thu Sep, 2016
Joey Lauren Adams & her boyfriend Andrew Calder dating since 2005. Could they get married?

American actress Joey Lauren Adams is one of the most adored actresses of her time. She is believed to have been dating Andrew Calder since 2005.

image: Joey Lauren Adams





image: Joey Lauren Adams and Andrew Calder at the Sundance Film Festival


In 2005, rumors flew about Joey Lauren Adams and Andrew Calder. They were believed to be dating. They even made appearances at various events and festivals together. On 21 January 2006, this duo was seen arriving together at the Entertainment Weekly Party at the Sundance Film Festival, which was held at The Shop in Park City, Utah. That’s the reason why people believed that Calder was her boyfriend. However, Adams never talked about this matter. She neither accepted nor denied the rumor. Thus, there were rumors that they were dating but secretly.



But the fact about Adams secretly being married to Calder is totally false. Yes, Calder is not her husband. A big event of such a popular actress can definitely not be hidden from the limelight. Thus, if they had married, we would definitely know about it. In fact, it doesn't even look like this duo will ever get married because these days, there are no records of Adams and Calder still being together. We believe that they broke up secretly similar to their secret dating. Even her official Instagram and Twitter accounts does not have any signs of Andrew Calder. That’s why we believe that Calder and Adams are not seeing each other anymore. Thus, we can say that she is neither a married nor a divorced woman.



Before dating Calder, Joey Lauren Adams was in relationships with Vince Vaughn and Kevin Smith. She seems to be the person who keeps her professional and personal life apart. That’s why no information except her ex-lovers' name can be found. In the past, there were rumors of Adams being a bisexual. According to some reports, Adams confirmed that she was attracted to women and she only realized it during her visit to Bali, where the culture there is in favor of bisexuality. However, in 2006, Adams told to that the accusations about her being bisexual are false and just a rumor.

image: Ever-charming Joey Lauren Adams


9th January 1968-born Joey Lauren Adams is already running in her late forties. There are rumors that she has had plastic surgery to look young. However, she has never accepted or denied it either.

We seriously believe that she should start thinking about getting married and having some amazing children. But we agree that it’s not easy to find the perfect guy to spend life with. We hope Joey Lauren Adams finds her ‘Mr. Right Husband’ soon and blesses us with the amazing news of her wedding.