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Home Gossip Latvian-born English singer Viktoria Modesta happy to stay single and doesn't want a boyfriend

Latvian-born English singer Viktoria Modesta happy to stay single and doesn't want a boyfriend

Ashmita Karki Mon Jan, 2017
Latvian-born English singer Viktoria Modesta happy to stay single and doesn't want a boyfriend

Bionic artist, Viktoria Modesta is a singer, artist, and model. She is totally a career focused lady who aspires to reach the peak. Looking at her prolific career, it seems like Modesta doesn’t have any time for love. She has stayed silent about her relationships and affairs for a long time. Let’s find out the reason why.

Viktoria Modesta has no time for love

Looking at Modesta’s fame and beauty, we can’t deny the fact that she must have many men approaching her. However, Modesta has always been mysterious when it comes to men and affairs. It seems like Modesta doesn’t want any media attention to shift from her career towards her love life and she has been very successful on doing that till date. As Modesta doesn't have any boyfriend, there's no rumor of her break up with anyone as well.

Viktoria Modesta

Image: Viktoria Modesta


There is a rumor that tells us that Modesta revealed that she loves being single. Looking at Modesta’s history of love life, we can all agree to the rumor as well.

During an interview, Modesta revealed that people used to feel quite awkward because of her leg when they met her for the first time.

She said: “I had an alternative background, I used to do alternative modelling and people felt a bit scared about it. The leg thing was just … I saw a lot of blank faces where people kind of went: ‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to say about this. Is it right for me to think that you’re cool and hot?’”

Viktoria Modesta's dummy boyfriend

The fact that Modesta came alone along her career journey might be the reason behind her willingness to remain single. However, Modesta often teases her fans by posting funny pictures on her Instagram. Once she posted a photo where she was seen posing with a dummy with caption: New boyfriend? #ekocycle @iamwill #harrods #london


New boyfriend? #ekocycle @iamwill #harrods #london

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Viktoria Modesta and her career struggle

Modesta is a talented lady who emphasizes on modern identity through her brilliant performance. She is also a very stylish lady. Despite being physically disabled, Modesta has been very successful in proving herself. She never identifies herself with the tagline of being a disable. 

Video: Viktoria Modesta's 'Prototype'

Modesta has struggled a lot to reach up to where she is today. Her income is great and so is her net worth. She amputated her left leg at a young age of 20. The reason behind her disability is the negligence of the doctors during her birth. However, it never appeared as an obstacle to Modesta. Moreover, she accepts it as her strength. 

Do you guys think that Viktoria Modesta is secretly dating someone or she is really single? Please, leave a comment below.